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Q&A: Coloured gemstones in the spotlight at CARAT+ with Paul Wild


Paul Wild, a business that specialises in extraordinary gems for international aesthetes, will be at the heart of the new Coloured Gemstones Sector at CARAT+ 2018. Here CEO Markus Wild shares insights into his family business and explains why he was drawn to CARAT+.

Paul Wild will exhibit in the new Coloured Gemstones Sector of CARAT+ 2018

Q: What variety of gemstones will you be showing at CARAT+? Faceted cabochons, engravings, fantasy cuts?

Markus Wild: We will show a wide range of our portfolio. Paraiba tourmaline, ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, demantoid, tsavorite, rubellite, green tourmaline, and many more, will be arranged in pairs, sets and in layouts and bracelets. We will present single stones and a variety of carvings and fantasy cuts.

An aquamarine trillant of 18.74 carats.

Among the coloured gemstones, Paraiba tourmaline is indisputably one of the stars and creates sensational effects in jewellery designs. Magnificent demantoid is famous for its spectacular colour and exceptional brilliance. Thanks to Paul Wild’s own mines in Namibia, offering a superb selection of demantoids, and Paraiba tourmaline mines in Brazil and Mozambique, we can guarantee a continuously growing portfolio of breath-taking collectors’ stones and jewellery suites.

Among sapphires our portfolio offers a wide range of attractive colours (for example, pink, green, yellow), including the exquisite pinkish-orange Padparadscha sapphires. Also at Paul Wild we have an exquisite selection of fine rubies sourced from as far afield as Burma, Vietnam, Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania.

A 257.32 carat spinel set from Tadchikistan.

Q: What trends do you see in demand for coloured gemstones?

MW: There are some outstanding gemstones that are seeing higher demand, like Paraiba tourmaline, spinel and sapphire. We can see that the market is still very active, and we are receiving enquiries for well-designed products across the range.

Q: Paul Wild has several mines around the world. What advantage does this bring to your company?

MW: One of the biggest advantages is that we can react fast if there are special enquiries. The journey from mine to customer is short and there is no distributor in between, so we can be the most competitive.

Q: What are the current challenges in the global marketplace for coloured gemstones?

MW: In the last few years the political landscape worldwide has changed and markets are reacting very conservatively. The challenge is to stimulate the market with new, innovative products.

Bracelet set with tourmaline cabochons 99.79ct aquamarine cabochons 104.89 ct and indigolith cabochons 62.88ct.

Q: What do you expect from your first participation in CARAT+?

MW: We are very excited about our first participation in CARAT+. We hope to make contact with new customers.

Q: What is the value of international trade fairs like CARAT+ to the Paul Wild brand?

MW: The international trade fair scene is in a phase of transformation. It will be important to gauge the relative standing of shows and fairs around the world. Therefore, it is vital to assess the market and to identify the right fairs at which to exhibit.

A demantoid garnet ear set of 39.63 carats.

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CARAT+ is The World’s Premier Diamond Event, covering the full spectrum of the diamond and diamond jewellery trades. The show specialises in four sectors: loose diamonds, branded diamond jewellery, non-branded diamond jewellery and services for the diamond jewellery industry.

Taking place in Hall 1 and Hall 4 of the Antwerp Expo on 6, 7 and 8 May, entry to the show is restricted exclusively to industry professionals, including diamond and jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers from around the world, and jewellery retailers from across Europe and the wider world.

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