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Q&A: Shapiro Gems to reveal exceptional coloured gems at CARAT+


Based at the heart of the Antwerp Diamond Center, Shapiro Gems is renowned for its unique and rare gemstones. Here, Oded Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Gems, and his nephew Idan Shviro, tell David Brough about their wish to see CARAT+ grow and achieve international acclaim.

Q: Oded, what variety of exceptional coloured gemstones will you be offering at CARAT+?

Oded Shapiro: We will offer visitors a big range of mainly rubies, emeralds and sapphires, going from approximately 3cts up to 80cts, in all shapes, from commercial quality to top gem quality, heated and not heated. We will show sapphires with origins in Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka, emeralds from Colombia and Zambia, and rubies from Burma and Mozambique. We will also present some very unique and rare pieces.

A 5.47ct top gem-quality unheated blue sapphire from Kashmir set with two 0.80ct diamonds in a platinum ring. Image courtesy of Shapiro Gems.

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Q: What makes coloured gemstones exceptional in your opinion?

OS: When you look, for example, for a 5ct D IF diamond on the market, you will find it, no doubt. But when you look for a 5ct Kashmir sapphire or 5ct Burmese ruby in top quality, it will be much more difficult to find.

When you look to make a couple or a lay-out, you won’t be able to. Each gemstone has its own character. To find two the same, that is impossible, especially when they are unheated. Most of the gemstones on the market are heated. We specialise in large sized, unheated sapphires and rubies. Emeralds are not heated, but they are oil-treated. Finding non-oil in gem quality is also unique and very hard to find.

A top gem-quality unheated pigeon's blood ruby from Mozambique as offered by Shapiro Gems.

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Q: What differentiates Shapiro Gems from your competition?

Idan Shviro: Shapiro Gems was founded in 1991 by Oded Shapiro as a family business. We keep a very big stock from 1.00mm up to 100cts, from less expensive to very high quality. Basically, we can answer and supply any request there is on the market. I think one of our main goals is to be able to answer requests, from small to high-end, and for top and big gemstones in the shortest time possible.

Discover impeccable quality rubies from Shapiro Gems in the new Coloured Gemstones Sector at CARAT+ 2018.

All the goods we have, we buy in the Far East or South America. Most of our stones come with certificates and we work only with reliable manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. We do our best to keep high standards.

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Q: How was your experience at CARAT+ 2017, and what are you hoping the show will achieve for you in 2018?

OS: Our first CARAT+ experience was very positive, and we are sure that Antwerp needs a show like this. We were very pleased with the way the show was organised, the design and the space. I believe that the objective of the show is the same for everybody: to get more clients, to make new contacts and to do nice deals during and after the event.

Shapiro Gems specialises in rubies like this top gem-quality unheated pigeon's blood ruby from Mozambique.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the second edition of CARAT+ this year?

OS: We are looking forward to seeing the show grow and seeing more international visitors following the success of last year. 

Discover more about Shapiro Gems, here.

Shapiro Gems will show a range of exceptional coloured gemstones at CARAT+ 2018.

The Shapiro Gems team. 




CARAT+ is The World’s Premier Diamond Event, covering the full spectrum of the diamond and diamond jewellery trades. The show specialises in four sectors: loose diamonds, branded diamond jewellery, non-branded diamond jewellery and services for the diamond jewellery industry.

Taking place in Hall 1 and Hall 4 of the Antwerp Expo on 6, 7 and 8 May, entry to the show is restricted exclusively to industry professionals, including diamond and jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers from around the world, and jewellery retailers from across Europe and the wider world.

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