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Q&A: Venus Jewel to focus on diamond origins at CARAT+


Mahiar Borhanjoo, Managing Director of Venus Jewel International, tells David Brough why CARAT+ 2018 is an ideal platform for the company to visit its customer base in Europe and make valuable new contacts.

Q: At CARAT+ will you be showcasing your expertise in manufacturing larger diamonds? If so, why is this your focus?

Mahiar Borhanjoo: At Venus Jewel, we pride ourselves on polishing some of the most beautiful solitaires in the world. Our major area of focus for CARAT+ will be one to 15 carats solitaire diamonds that will have the complete history of the diamond with it. We started the diamond journey process, which provides our customers with the diamond's origin, the actual rough diamond image and/or video and the polish that came from that rough around three years ago. We are very pleased to see how demand for this information has put our company at the forefront of the industry to provide a complete history of each diamond more downstream to our customers, so they can buy in confidence and know everything they want about the diamond they are purchasing.

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Interacting with Venus Jewels technologies.
Interacting with Venus Jewel technologies. 

Q: What proportion of the world’s gem quality diamonds of one carat or more do you supply? What cuts, colour and clarity?

MB: We have been very blessed to be direct long-term contract partners with all the major mining companies and to be able to polish a healthy volume of +1 carat solitaires. In addition to the brilliant cut diamonds, we polish a large percentage of our diamonds to support our customers' needs for their fancy-shaped demand. We have been seeing a steady growth in consumer desire for fancy-shaped diamonds and with our state of the art technology and systems, we were able to foresee this trend to support our partners.

Mahiar Borhanjoo, Managing Director of Venus Jewel International
 Mahiar Borhanjoo, Managing Director of Venus Jewel International.

Q: Are you looking to expand your business into fancy colours too?

MB: Colour diamonds have always been part of our production, but today our major focus is white diamonds. We strongly believe that our technical abilities support the production of fancy-coloured diamonds and have been looking at the right way to help support our partners downstream with their demands in this area as well.

Q: What do you hope to achieve at CARAT+? Are you primarily looking for new clients, or are you hoping to expand business with your existing clientele?

MB: We take time in such shows to meet our existing customers but also to see how we can work more closely with a newer customer base. An event like CARAT+ is a great platform for us to visit our customer base in Europe and to work on meeting new ones! I am personally very excited about this show as Belgium has always been at the heart of the diamond industry and it is nice to see it host such a luxurious event in Europe.

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What to expect from Venus Jewels International at CARAT+ 2018
What to expect from Venus Jewel International at CARAT+ 2018.

Q: How are you developing your website – will enhanced software and camera technology help to highlight your manufacturing expertise?

MB: I think in today's world, we have to look beyond our website. Yes, it is true that we were the first company to start selling diamonds on a B2B platform through our website in 1997 and what we have learned in the last two decades is that it is not just a video, a picture or the 4Cs that one needs to sell diamonds through the internet, but a trusted and respected system that can be used anytime and anywhere. This is why we introduced our app for phones and notebooks in addition to our website.

We take great pride in being at the cutting edge of diamond description platforms using our patented Venus Grading System (VGS) and latest technology and research to show diamonds virtually. So, has the latest technology helped? I would say to some extent, yes… but what has really helped is knowing what our customers want, and seeing how we can take or develop technologies that will allow them to have what they are looking for. At Venus Jewel our daily motto is ‘Creating Brilliance’ and we look forward to showing how we do this though our people and technology to create some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world at CARAT+ in Belgium.
Venus Jewels International is a leader in innovative diamond technologies and B2B platforms
Venus Jewel International is a leader in innovative diamond technologies and B2B platforms

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CARAT+ is The World’s Premier Diamond Event, covering the full spectrum of the diamond and diamond jewellery trades. The show specialises in four sectors: loose diamonds, branded diamond jewellery, non-branded diamond jewellery and services for the diamond jewellery industry. 

Taking place in Hall 1 and Hall 4 of the Antwerp Expo, entry to the show is restricted exclusively to industry professionals, including diamond and jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers from around the world, and jewellery retailers from across Europe and the wider world.

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