Loans to Finance Your First Trade Show Experience

A booth for your company at a venue where Carat Plus has an exhibition is sure to boost your sales. First of all, an event organized by us gathers industry leaders and resellers. That means you become listed as an active exhibit participant and get contacted by customers and potential business partners alike. Secondly, your sales team has the chance to learn directly from your competitors and other exhibitors. Our regular customers report successful trade experiences that take place at the venue and beyond. "We've met at the Carat Plus exhibition" is a great conversation starter to establish long-term business relationships.

First-time trade show exhibitors may be reluctant to make their first investment. When you look through the list of companies with their own booth at our events, you will notice they are all regular attendees. If you are interested in almost effortless marketing and gathering a list of hot prospects, the cost of your first trade show experience is a matter of planning.

If you need a money loan for your first trade show experience, consider one of the options below.

Traditional bank loans

If you are proud of your score and have an impeccable credit history, you may benefit from a bank loan. Eligible applicants can get a loan for a term ranging between five and ten years, at an interest rate starting at 3%. The exact terms depend on your profile as a borrower, among other factors.

Lines of credit

A line of credit is a convenient, flexible financing option that will help you deal with your expenses as they arise. It is perfect for a first-time exhibit experience when you don't know exactly how much money you need overall. You may borrow up to $250,000 at an interest rate of at least 7%. Repayment terms don't typically exceed two years.

Short-term loans

Payday loans are one example of a short-term loan product. You can get quick bad credit loans as soon as in one business day. Payday installment loans allow customers to take up to $5,000, depending on your state. You would pay off the debt in monthly installments from the profit you make off your new customers. Direct lenders usually charge between $10 and $30 for every $100 that you borrow. The APR on these loans typically has three digits unless otherwise specified by state loans.

SBA loans

If you would rather take a business loan to promote your company at a successful trade show, an SBA loan may work for you. This option is suitable for business owners who cannot take traditional bank loans. Amounts vary up to $5 million for a timespan of up to 25 years. If you qualify for this loan, your business will only have to gain.